Why Selena Gomez couldn't watch her own 'My Mind and Me' world premiere: 'It was too hard'

LOS ANGELES – After walking the Hollywood red carpet, Selena Gomez was the one guest who couldn

t watch the world premiere of her own documentary "Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me"

Emotional Selena Gomez:Explains why mental health is 'personal' at White House, MTV event

"My Mind and Me," (streaming Friday on AppleTV+) follows Gomez through six years of her career

In "My Mind and Me" there are frequent flashbacks and discussions about Gomez's first role on "Barney & Friends,

"I'd say, 'Oh, God, don't try that!' said Gomez. "I don't know who I am to give advice.

I would just say that people have given me a responsibility that I carry so deeply

would ever want anyone to know is that they're exactly enough the way they are.

That they are worthy. They are seen. They deserve love."