Bruce Willis is the first celebrity to sell rights to Deepfake.

By Anil Patil on Filmyboot - 01 Oct 2022

Bruce Willis is the first Hollywood actor to have sold his rights to the prospect of a "digital twin" to the US corporation Deepcake.

Deepfake technology superimposes a person's likeness on another. ML and AI are used.

Willis allowed Deepcake to "digitally transplant" his visage onto another performer for a commercial.

Willis was able to appear in a Russian ad last year using deepfake technology without ever setting foot on a set.

He said, Modern technology has made it possible for me to communicate even from another continent.

Willis has been regarded as one of Hollywood's most iconic actors for the role of the Action Hero since the 1980s.

Deepcake is a corporation that will provide its services for a portion of the total amount required to have a celebrity like Willis participate in an event.

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