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Fakt Mahilao Mate (2022) Full Movie Download 720p Filmyzilla Filmywap September 11, 2022 by admin

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Fakt Mahilao Mate (2022) Full Movie Download 720p Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Today we are going to talk. Gujarati film released in all theaters i.e. about empowered women Mate, in which you will be seen in the lead role. Apart from this, you will also see Amitabh Bachchan Ji inside the film. In Friendly Appearances, I’m probably hearing this for the first time many times. Let me tell you, Amitabh Bachchan Ji only sees you in the climax motion for a few seconds for one to one and a half minutes inside the film. Apart from this, you get to hear his voice inside the film.

You will be heard narrating things in many places, Amitabh Bachchan Ji giving his voiceover at some places. Apart from this, if you do not get to see any big role in his film, then talk about it. About the film women, basically, this film is a comedy-drama film with a content of two hours and 17 minutes, where there is any idea of ​​this film, which is the theme, where you must have seen in the trailer that Yashini’s character.

The character named Chintu Chintu, who is the voice of the mind of women, starts hearing it. This means whether they are women or ladies, whatever they say inside their minds, they start listening.

Now, this is the theme, this is the idea, we got to see this many years ago in a Marathi film Aga Baya Razia, which came in 2 thousand 4 years ago. Now from there, this idea has been taken officially or this film has been made after being inspired.

I don’t have any idea about that. Here, if you talk about the story characters and screenplay of Fakat Ladies Mata, then Marathi is completely different from them. You do not get to see any special similarity here. This film has been made completely with Gujarati flavor, where my opinion is formed after watching what was my oral experience while watching this film.

Fakt Mahilao Mate Gujarati Movie Download 480p Vegamovies

If I try to tell you a story, then the film Waqt Ladies Mata, a little bit typical in some places proves to be a very good comedy-drama film. Meaning, in some places things will be such that if you see, then you will feel that yes these things we have seen many other times which are presentations which have been comedy added.

It is so great that we will have more of a feeling of that thing. Otherwise, he does not add any negative to the film anywhere and this film manages to make a complete laugh through the Mexican two-hour 17-minute film.

Look, the Gujarati film industry is one such industry today where comedy-drama films are made very much. If a thriller film is made, then 15 to 20 comedy-drama films are made in front of it, then the audience has also been used a lot and maybe a part will come to the audience. So many comedy-drama films have come out of these things.

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Despite that, presenting a comedy effectively is a very difficult task to be a comedy and ready. Presenting it here again and effectively becomes a very difficult task.

But the writer-director of the film has handled this thing very well here and the film will not bore you anywhere for a moment. There is no dull moment anywhere in the film. The film does not break anywhere. If it does not bore on many, then it proves to be a very good family entertainer film and therefore in many places the comedy was such that the laughter does not stop, then that thing proves to be the biggest plus point for this film and Plenty of space too.

We have seen that the comedy that happens turns out to be of force type. In many places, we have got to see a serial-type comedy in some films.

Fakt Mahilao Mate Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HD Tamilrockers

You will not feel that thing inside this film within a reasonable time. You often get to see a lot of situational, quite sensitive comedy inside the phone. Few scenes have been added. Those that prove to be effective. We get to see comedy as well as drama inside the film.

I would like to do drama in Kushinagar that has not been given much importance in the film here because in some places I felt that some drama is happening somewhere.

If an emotional scene is being seen somewhere, then the base for it has not been created more than the beginning. By creating what is within a particular time, the result of it is placed in front of us. Especially if you look at the climax motion, then asking for the climax will see a slight stretch.

Movie NameFakt Mahilao Mate (2022)
Running time2Hours 17m
Release date19 August 2022
DirectorJay Bodas

Over there, in the same portion, you have been trying to develop comedy, action drama, same nutrition, emotion, everything on the same basis and I would say that those things work in the region too.

Things have been finished here with a feel-good touch. Apart from this, one of his biggest specialties is that despite being a comedy-drama film, the film delivers a good message as the title of the film suggests. At this time, this film, which is meant for women, tries to present the emotions of women, that is, the emotions of women, they try to present in front of us. What does she think about her feeling, what does she want? Here again, presents all these things in front of us.

Fakt Mahilao Mate 2022 Full Movie Download 1080p Hdhub4u

Within the time zone, some very good family values, how should you stay united in society and live together? The film tries to give a very good message about all these things and then the message is also not good. The message has also been delivered very well because when the film ends, some things will come to your mind that these things here. That film is shown very well here.

Apart from this, if I talk about the performance, then everyone in the film has done very well. If I talk about this, then many of you would know that it was released within the last three months. This is his third consecutive film and hence the routine actors are not felt while watching him anywhere on the screen.

Inside every movie. If you have seen the last Rado film, then after that, he is seen here in a completely different avatar and his work has been excellent here too. Before this, in all his films I have seen and in that, his character was seen in a little serious touch. Those things were happening just by his side. There was so much comedy that he used to become a part of that comedy scene. Here I saw a little bit of the previous pulse even inside the film, then inside the big film, he has been seen in a complete comedy avatar.

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Which means everything from his comic timing to dialogue delivery. It proves to be very effective in this film and he really laughed a lot inside the film. Apart from this, the film which is seen in other actors, Diksha Joshi, Mamta Bhavsar, Kalpana Ghanekar and Bhavna ji.

The work of all these films is very good. How many posters have you got? Everyone has done their job very well here. Of Amitabh Bachchan As I said, his role is not very visible in the film.

Fakt Mahilao Mate Tamil, Telugu Movie Download Filmymeet

Only his voice is heard and he has spoken this number very well to the Gujarati dialogues and the way he comes to the climax in the last is somewhere. It gives us a signal that maybe we may get to see a sequel of this film as well. If you sit there and make a sequel, then my sahib may have to take Amitabh Bachchan inside the whole film, then for that Gujarati film can afford that budget here or not.

He will decide to a great extent whether its sequel comes or not. Well, according to me, this film is a good family drama film and family drama films always perform very well at the Gujarati box office, so definitely this film is also going to perform very well.

Also, talk. You do not get to hear some boring songs like the film’s music. You get to hear a title track. Apart from this, in the climax, you get to hear the song of an Ambe Maa. What he had with Garba was quite good. If it sounds good, then overall, the film Waqt Ladies Mate is a comedy-drama film worth watching with a good family.

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