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The Good Doctor Series to Watch online

The Good Doctor: Facts You Don’t Know About this series

‘The Good Doctor’ is an award-winning US series aired by Globoplay in Brazil. Check out the list of trivia about the production that is already in its fifth season.

The series “The Good Doctor: The Good Doctor” collects thousands of fans worldwide. Since its debut in 2017, the success has been such that it is now in its fifth season. In Brazil, the production can be seen by Globoplay and on open TV, after the reality show “No Limite”.

“The Good Doctor” tells the story of an autistic surgeon with Savant syndrome. At the hospital where he works, the doctor has to face personal challenges to prove to himself and his colleagues that he is capable of being a good professional.

Some behind-the-scenes curiosities of “The Good Doctor” are as good as the plot of the North American series. Check out some:

‘The Good Doctor’ is originally a South Korean series

Like “Round 6” and “All OF Us Are Dead”, hits from Netflix, “The Good Doctor” is originally a South Korean series from 2013. Even the first episodes of the two versions are very similar.

In 2014, actor and producer Daniel Dae Kim bought the rights to a North American remake of the series. After receiving rejection from several production companies, ABC agreed to broadcast the series with Daniel as producer. They also enlisted the help of the creator of “House”, another worldwide hit medical series.

Who is the real-life ‘The Good Doctor’?

The heartbreaking story of the doctor with autism has touched the hearts of thousands of fans. While it can happen to people living with the trait, “The Good Doctor” wasn’t specifically inspired by any professional.

‘The Good Doctor’ receives criticism for the main character

Despite its success, “The Good Doctor” also received some criticism. The series was questioned by neurodivergents for portraying people with autistic disorder in a special way, almost like being a superhero.

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“It creates a mythical autistic superhero who misleads the public by misrepresenting how crippling autism can be in this society,” experts wrote in a review for The Hollywood Reporter.

Important character gradually gained space

Although the character Shaun Murphy plays an important role as Shaun’s girlfriend and fiancée, actress Paige Spara was only supposed to be a cameo in the series. However, she soon found favor with the public and her character conquered her lifetime space.

A curiosity was that the actress auditioned for the role in the bathtub at her parents’ house. That’s because Paige didn’t have a good internet connection and access to computers. The lighting in the place was also bad. Still, with the help of her parents who kept her calm, she managed to do well on the test.

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