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Chris Evans on Lightyear

Lightyear: In response to criticism Chris Evans stated, “People are stupid.”

Chris Evans, a Hollywood actor, has warned people condemning the kiss between two women in ‘Lightyear,’ and he would not back down from his opinion. In a statement, he claimed that those who resist diversity and inclusion are fools who will perish like dinosaurs. Chris Evans clearly stated, ‘Such poisonous viewers should not be given any attention.’

Chris Evans is in favour of homosexual kissing

It was claimed in March that Pixa had reinstated the homosexual kissing scene in ‘Lightyear,’ despite the fact that some members of staff had challenged their decision to remove it from the film. Kiss was featured briefly in ‘Lightyear,’ and Hawthon is also in it. Following Disney’s decision to include the moment in the film, 14 nations, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, banned ‘Lightyear.’ Chris Evans told Reuters after the film was banned, “The true reality is that those folks are ignorant.” Every day we wake up, there is a social transformation, this American tale, this human story that always provides consciousness and progress to society and makes us better.

‘There will always be individuals around you who are terrified and uncertain and attempt to cling on to what was before,’ Chris Evans added. However, they perish like dinosaurs. His purpose, it seemed to me, is to disregard everyone, go on, and embrace the progress that makes us human.’

‘It’s terrific, it makes me pleased,’ Chris Evans said of Disney and Pixa’s choice to air the sequence. While mentioning this, he stated that it can be tough, and the aim is that it does not appear to be unfamiliar water.

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This film will be released on June 17th

Look, I am proud to be a part of it, but the aim is to look back and be surprised that we took so long to get there. For your knowledge, ‘Lightyear’ will be released in theatres worldwide on June 17th.

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