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The CW’s Reboot Live Up to the Original Series

The CW announced that it would be launching a reboot releasing in 2018. The reboot was met with much concern from past fans, who mostly thought it was a cash grab, and raised questions around whether it lived up to the original.

The reboot starts off in the same way, but with new sisters, Mel and Maggie Vera who discover that they have magical powers along with a long-lost sister Macy. From here, it separates from its predecessor by speaking to today’s younger generation and introducing a diverse cast, that apart from fighting evil, also tackles current social issues.

The CW has opted to vanquish its Charmed reboot after four seasons,

However, it has its issues, especially since a lot of its fantasy elements and mythology appear to be copied over from other shows, such as Game of Thrones. In the later seasons, it started to find its footing and address some mistakes from previous seasons, meaning that it could’ve become an even better reboot. The series introduced a new sister in Season 4 and an interesting storyline around their position in the magical society. However, now it won’t get the chance to explore things further due to the cancellation.

Looking back at the original, the characters are what really drew in audiences. Each one was thoroughly rounded and had moments of vulnerability and strength that made them extremely endearing. They are not only three-dimensional, but their sisterly bond is genuine and heartwarming, much like that of the Sharma sisters in Bridgerton. However, there is something missing from the Vera sisters, as their relationship doesn’t elicit the same kind of emotions from audiences as the Halliwells’ did.

Overall, the reboot sticks to the original show’s premise of sisterhood and the power of women, but challenges itself to be different. This message of women having the power to achieve anything parallels that of another supernatural show that was released around the same time as the original,

Source: cbr.com

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