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Runway 34 Full movie Download Filmyzilla, 720p HD Filmywap

‘Runway 34’ lacks thrill, dialogue is good but second half is weak ‘Runway 34’ is the story of a pilot, what decisions he takes when he flies a flight and what are the consequences, the story of the film is on this. There is a flight going from Dubai to Cochin.

Runway 34 Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Ajay Pilot has become Vikrant Khanna. Rakul (Tanya Albuquerque) is also with him. The flight cannot land at Cochin airport due to bad weather. The flight is diverted towards Thiruvananthapuram airport but by the time it reaches there the weather turns bad. All the passengers come to know that there has been a big mistake. Passengers panic.

Film Details

• Star Cast: Ajay Devgan, Rakul Preet Singh, Amitabh Bachchan

• Director-Producer: Ajay Devgan

• Writers: Sandeep Keolani, Amil Kian Khan

• Duration: 2 hrs 21 mins

Acting: Ajay’s acting as a pilot was excellent, Big B did it

• Ajay’s role as a pilot is excellent, he looks like a real pilot on screen. His work is commendable. They totally fit into the character. Amitabh Bachchan has done a wonderful job in the role of Narayan Vedant. His dialogue delivery is strong. The way they dig into the court of Ajay Rakul’s characters is fun. The GAIL of the school may be limited but whatever it is is good. Akanksha’s work in the role of Ajay’s wife is also fine. Baby Myra’s work in the role of Ajay’s daughter Adara is also fine. Boman Irani is definitely in the film but his role is not enough, which can add something to the drama. It’s just in a side track.


Twist and turn in the first half is not enough

The interesting story has been written by Sandeep Keolani. Amat Qin Khan’s screenplay is very appealing. The first half of the film is also quite interesting, as there is flight drama in it and then there is court room drama in the second half. There are many technical terms here, which will be less understood by the audience.

Runaway 32 Ajay Devgan Movie Download Hd Filmywap 480p

That’s why in the second half, the film gets a bit shattered. Though there are many twists and turns but they are not enough. Tension is miming in the courtroom drama. The audience is not able to get too involved in this period, it is definitely good. Especially there is the dialogue between Ajay, Rakul and Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan sahib has become the lawyer in this. please write

DIRECTION & MUSIC: Not Exciting Direction Ajay has also directed this but could not give the excitement that should have been given. There was a lack in some scripts, while talking about music in some direction, Jasleen Royal’s ‘Mitra Re is considered good. Amar Mohile’s background score is fine. It increases tension. The state scene of Ramzan Bulat is chilling. Aseem Bajaj’s camera work is also good.

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