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Azam Falah and kangana ranaut in lock up tv show

Lock Up: Kangana Ranaut apologizes to ‘Lock Up’ contestant Azam Falah, read the full story

In today’s ‘Judgment Day’ episode of Alt Balaji’s reality show ‘Lock Up’, Kangana Ranaut took a fierce class of all the contestants.

However, at the beginning of the first episode, Kangana Ranaut apologized to Falah asked. Kangana said that she watched all the episodes of this week but she is unable to clear Monday’s episode from her mind and hence she would like to first apologize on behalf of the entire team of ‘Lock Up’ from Azma Fallah.

Not only this, Kangana Ranaut also scolded Prince Narula, Munavvar and Sayyeshaa for not supporting her.

Actually Kangna said that “This whole show is about provoking, here the contestants try to provoke each other with their words but this is the test of the front that even after being provoked again and again, they leave the show without raising their hands.” Have to move on. So what Zeeshan said was absolutely wrong and that is why he was punished.” Kangana also said that “Azama didn’t do any wrong things, instead he only did double meaning things and Zeeshan got furious with his words and tried to beat him up.”

Kangna asked Prince and Munavvar the same question that they did not consider it necessary that they should stand with Ajai?”

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Hearing this, Prince told Kangna that I want to apologize to Aajma about this whole thing and I apologized to him that day also. Munawwar also gave his clarification saying that he was not present at the place when the scuffle took place but when he saw the footage in the video, then he realized that Azam was killed. What has happened is wrong. Payal Rohatgi and Shivam were with Aajah in this whole matter. Kangana also talked about this on ‘Judgment Day’.

While everyone else was scolded by the Queen actress, Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi did Kangana Ranaut was praised a lot. She said that the way you have supported Aajah and both of you came forward in his defense, it was the right step. If I was in ‘lock up’ in your place, I would be the same. In that whole matter, only all three of you i.e. Ajama Falah, Payal Rohatgi and Shivam were right.

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