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Moon knight: oscar isaac reveals the precious advice received from robert downey jr.

During a recent interview with Extra, Oscar Isaac revealed that he met Robert Downey Jr. before starting his work on the Marvel series Moon Knight , the first episode of which landed on Disney + last Wednesday. In addition to the many words of praise to the interpreter of Iron Man, Isaac has revealed the advice received.

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“I talked to Robert Downey Jr. a lot. I talked to him a lot. I mean, he’s already a friend, and so I talked to him about that and what he thinks about it and what his trial was like,” he said. said Isaac to Extra. ” And he was a great person to talk to, obviously about the whole thing. And for me too, the biggest inspiration, because even today that first Iron Man movie is so good.”

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Isaac then wasted no time in praising his friend and fellow actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked exactly what advice Downer Jr. gave him, the protagonist of Moon Knight said: ” I think it was when he told me that Kevin Feige is really a genius and he is a collaborator and therefore not to be afraid to say openly. my ideas and thoughts and to be bold with my choices . “

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Earlier, Oscar Isaac had explained the differences between Moon Knight and other Marvel heroes : “I think there is a sense of humor in Steven that is different from what we’ve seen. I think Marvel in particular has done such an amazing job in it. combining action and comedy, he did it in a truly unique way, with a real Moon Knight character study.”

Moon Knight’s debut is in effect a declaration of intent. Because, as, if not even more than in Loki and especially in WandaVision, a sincere desire to experiment is tangible, to tell something very classic (in this case an origin story) in a radically different and non-linear way, to push full maturity, violence and horror – waiting for Raimi’s Doctor Strange 2 – a formula we have known by heart for over a decade. And the result in some scenes is really exciting; showcases everything Moon Knight could be and could give to the MCU. The choice to frame everything through the eyes of the innocent Steven Grant is a stroke of genius, the continuous awakenings and exchanges between him and Marc are fascinating and give back the feeling of building a small puzzle, the imagination is already powerful and evocative. The feelings, in short, are very positive, despite the fact that there is still work to be done on the humor typical of the MCU, which sometimes goes just a little further – even if in Moon Knight it is much more sensible and contextualized than usual – and in general on the technical aspect, much more rudimentary in comparison to other productions.

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Only with the release of the next episodes, on a weekly basis, will we discover how the public’s appreciation will evolve according to the progress of the series: in the meantime, you can take a look at our review of the first episode of Moon Knight .

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