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Cielo grande review

Cielo grande review: A bad argentine teen season 2 series on netflix

Argentina brings to Netflix a product that contains all the characteristics of its television, mixed with the requirements required by the productions in order to see its products made on the platform. Cielo Grande offers a vision not only carefree to a possible audience, but totally devoid of any intellectual commitment or that can involve the public’s attention in an intense or concentrated way. The reasons are very simple and varied .

Above everything there is the predictability of a story that can be guessed right from minute one and, to be added, an aesthetic worthy of any generalist TV channel is immediately linked., the one on which we tend not to linger and immediately move forward. Before continuing to read, we invite you to also retrieve the Netflix series of March 2022 .

A place, a sport, some secrets

Cielo Grande is the place where the narratives of the characters take place, which increase more and more with the passing of the episodes, but always leaving at the center those protagonists we know from the beginning and who will linearly follow the paths already written and already seen. A place, Cielo Grande, which is located in the lost heart of Argentina, surrounded by waters

where the highly anticipated wakeboarding competition will be held in which our participants will participate, but where the memories of a past will also be rekindled in which that paradise hidden by vegetation was a nest of friendships and loves. Secrets to be discovered, revelations to be brought back to the surface : what awaits the characters of the show is an experience destined to change their lives, as well as to fill it with new, unexpected knowledge.

As expected, in a key that tries to disguise the soul as a Latin soap opera, the work intended for the streaming platform tries to engage in detaching itself from formulas and stagingthat recall stories and packages seen on countless other occasions and from which the series is unable to move away. An atmosphere that we know immediately how it will set its work, on that mood that goes between the naive and the senselessly enthusiastic, the excessively friendly and the tormented, in which the type of dimension it wants to restore is evident , but that does not make it easier to digest.

Between frivolity and pathos

Certainly Cielo Grande has the possibility of gathering its own audience who would find in the work all the elements with which to distract themselves without having to commit too much and who would therefore respect the canons of the carefree and pathos-filled story that feeds on each kiss and each new novel. unveiling. The decision to rely on a cast of young people accentuates a boyish style that returns the feeling of being in front of that production house that was Disney Channel and which now no longer exists – in its place we now find Disney + (while you are there, don’t miss it. the Disney + series of March 2022 ).

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There is therefore no need to evaluate the substance of the actors’ acting, fake and deliberately forced, or the reliability or otherwise with the turning points that are led to fit together and lead forward the thread that creates the human and narrative fabric of Cielo Grande.

Between the challenges on the surface of the water – with a sport that is actually an original component – and the background music that becomes an additional ingredient, the Netflix show slips away between a karaoke song and a found parent. Nothing that had not been imagined , but that at least one is aware of what it is about.

Secrets of Summer

An Argentine resort revives its wakeboarding competition, drawing in Mexican athlete Steffi who is determined to uncover a family secret.

Great SkyCielo Grande is exactly what one would expect. The series mixes the atmospheres of telenovelas with the elements necessary for Netflix productions, thus presenting itself as a teen product that reveals both of its natures. A tale of karaoke music, unexpected kisses and revelations of secrets that have been kept silent for too long. A story set in a remote location in Argentina that you may very well decide to ignore or discover.

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