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Tips to make money with affiliate marketing

Award Winning Tips to Make Money With Affiliate marketing

With a reminder of the value of using to set up an affiliation programme, these tips will help you make money with affiliate marketing. We learn how to sell any kind of product, like electronics, clothing, online services, kitchen items, mobile phones, and computer accessories, as well as any other kind of product.

5 steps to get started in Affiliate marketing

Make Money With Affiliate marketing

1) The concept of affiliation

Affiliation is a very advantageous concept for the seller as well as for its affiliates.

The principle is to promote (via a blog post, via Instagram, via Facebook, via Facebook Ads or Google Ads advertising, etc.) a product or service. and here you get all about how to make money with affiliate marketing.

It’s a bit like selling the product, except that you only act as a prescriber (we don’t sell directly, we present the product, and it’s the product manufacturer who makes the sale).

In short, as an affiliate you do not receive a commission on the sales made…

The risk is thus low, and the affiliate is only paid on performance.

It allows the seller to leave the work of promotion to the affiliates (or to benefit from their strength to help him and have more impact).

Affiliates will promote quality products without having to go through their creation.

They will be able to devote themselves to the marketing of the chosen product.

Traditionally, affiliation works well with the following techniques

  • Appear in the Google search engine for 1 keyword related to the purchase of the product (eg: find an emailing tool, choose a food processor, what is the best smartphone under 150 €, etc.). In this case it is necessary to create a Blog.
  • Advertise via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads… but you absolutely have to master the ROI and the advertising platforms.…

2) How to go about affiliation as a seller

If you are the creator of a product and you want to benefit from the help of an army of affiliates ready to take care of the promotion, you will have to start by thinking like an affiliate.

There are two main criteria to meet to get affiliates.

– The price: The more expensive, the better (be careful not to lose the “customers” anyway!).
The affiliate will seek to promote items that offer a good commission. He will therefore find a product that will make a good sum for each sale.

If you sell an ebook for 15 Euros and you offer 6-7 Euros to the affiliate, there will be few interested parties.

Some PPC enthusiasts will think twice about their return on investment.
So try to offer a fairly expensive product. If you are the author of several products, you can make a pack which will be much more attractive for your affiliates.

For example, you sell ebooks at 20 Euros. You can make a pack of 6 ebooks for 90 Euros.

– The percentage of commission : The highest possible.
You will compete with competitors who offer 70% of the product price to their affiliates on every sale.

The choice will be quickly made if they have less to gain from you…

3) How to do it as an affiliate (the person who prescribes the product)

We have seen part of the affiliate approach in the previous point.

You need a good price to have a good return on investment depending on the type of promotion chosen (eg PPC).

The commission percentage continues in this line, if you touch the biggest part of the price of a rather expensive product at the beginning, you will have a big room for maneuver to make its promotion.

Do you know that in the English-speaking world, some affiliates only focus on products that earn them more than $100 in commission per sale?

There are now 3 other very important criteria to take into account to find the right product to promote:

– The sales page (Product presentation page or landing page or sales pitch)
 : This is really what will decide the end of the prospect’s visit.

Is she professional and does she inspire confidence? If you were interested, would you be willing to pay on a site like this?
This is a point to consider because if the site does not inspire confidence, a product, no matter how good, may not sell well.

You should always consider that there are 2 types of people likely to buy a product:

  • Internet regulars, who no longer hesitate to buy any product, they trust and know the different affiliate platforms, and know that there is little risk involved.
  • And there are people who order rarely who may also be interested in a digital product on sale, and who will think twice before starting, even more so if the price passes the 50 Euro mark. They are the main thing to think about when choosing a product with a quality sales letter.

– Is the available information easy to find for free?

The second important point to think about.

I am thinking, for example, of cooking recipes. Imagine an ebook containing 100 pizza recipes.

Now look at how many pizza recipes you can have for free by doing a google search for “pizza recipes”.

It is obvious that you will lose some customers on a product like this.

– Is the product selling well?

Depending on the case, you will have access to an indicator of the success of a product.

On the site amazon for example, you can see for each product the interest for affiliates.

The higher this number, the more the product is sold. You will therefore quickly be able to see what is selling well in each category.
Be careful all the same with this figure, the interest for the affiliate can mean that an affiliate sells a lot of products or that some affiliates sell one or two copies: the product is sold, but the impact is different.

4) Where to find products to promote (best affiliate programs to make money)

To promote a product you have 2 possibilities.

Top Affiliate marketing websites

– The easiest way is to register on an affiliation platform (ex amazon, flipkart, shopclues…) which offers programs for many products.

You will find these products sorted by category, and you can then sort them by price, percentage of commission, number of sales or date added.

This is the most practical solution for quickly accessing a rich catalog and not having to search for products one by one.

– The second possibility is to look for a given product, if the seller offers an affiliate system .

You will therefore affiliate yourself with this seller directly, without going through an affiliate platform.

You will therefore be able to find a real quality product on which to focus your efforts.

It is this technique that must be remembered.

Indeed, generic platforms often offer products seen and reviewed, and often with big competition or too large an audience.

It is better to choose a product that you know, which is very relevant in its market, which is new… than to promote a product that you know little about.

Remember that we are selling a product that we know.

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5) Now you have to sell!

As an affiliate, you will act as an advisor to sell an affiliate product.

The seller will take care of “selling” (shipping, payment, etc.).

You, you will simply analyze your product, identify its strengths, its weak points.

You will get to know your product as well as the seller (the product must be of high quality).

– Make a product review : Once you know your product well, you will put it all on paper,
explain your experience, what you like, what you do not like (if you find something missing, a little extra that would really make the difference, take note, you will know why later).

– The use of video can be a good idea to show the product (a chapter of an ebook, the use of the product in real time).

You already remove the doubt whether you bought the product or not. And believe me, you will be much more credible with proof like that!

– An irresistible offer ! Once your review (as honest as possible) is done, we move on to the second element that will literally make all the difference with your competition: the offer!

If I have to buy this product, why would I go through you rather than another affiliate ?

Do you have something more interesting than another? What if you could make me an irresistible offer if I go through you? I would surely buy in this case.

Imagine, for example, a software to manage your time that you are promoting. If you had a small ebook on time management to offer me in addition to this software, it might interest me and tip the balance in your favor over other affiliates. (Of course, you must have the rights to distribute this ebook).

Writing a simple small report of a few pages in pdf can do the trick. Just look to make a good offer.

I had spoken to you about pointing out faults before. By defaults, I mainly wanted to talk about “missing things”.

A step that lacks details, an interesting element that is not explained in a method, etc.

You can turn this gap into a bonus for your offer. If you can provide the missing link, people will be more interested in going through you . Always remember the importance of the offer . The worst of products can sell if the offer is good…

14 tips for making sales with an affiliate program:

1 – Choose a program related to the needs of your target  :

This is obvious, but it is important to remember that you need relevant offers that please your visitors or your mailing list.

In addition, do not hesitate to make 2 returns to the same mailing list.

In fact, generally on a base of 100 during a first shipment, you get 70 to 80% of the amount of the first pass during the second pass…

On the other hand, in the third you will have an even lower return rate, and you risk boring your readers and generating unsubscriptions…

2 – Get involved in the purchase :

It is important to write black on white “Buy this product” in order to push the Internet user to action (a simple link is not enough!).

At the same time, it is essential to test the product to learn how to sell it, and to indicate WHO this product is for and who it is not for…

This allows on the one hand to reassure your potential buyers, and on the other hand not to deceive others (which leaves your trust capital intact).

In the same vein, clearly indicate the limits of the product, in order to avoid dissatisfied people who will give you bad publicity…

3 – Vary the affiliate programs :

Products sold via affiliation have a relatively short lifespan, and therefore new programs must always be sought.

Similarly, as soon as you need to systematically link to a site, product or service, you must have the reflex to check if it does not offer an affiliate system.

4 – Use all the tools to promote your offers :

There is of course a classic website (Blog or brochure site), but it is also possible to use Twitter, social networks (Facebook)…

For example in Qora subscribe to questions about your sector and answer by giving a link to your affiliate account.

If the campaign is highly profitable, you can even do targeted advertising via Adwords or Facebook (but pay attention to the ROI in order to always earn money!).

5 – Collect the emails of your visitors :

Generating traffic is good, but to succeed in affiliation you need to be able to regularly send promotions to your visitors…

To do this, a newsletter, a free ebook… are excellent tools for inviting your visitors to leave their addresses (nb: reduce the number of fields to be completed to a minimum)!

Social networks are interesting, but always prefer email, because it’s the only way to send messages regularly…

6 – Use all its keywords generating traffic on the theme of the affiliate campaign :

You must use all the high traffic keywords on the theme of your affiliate program to attract as many visitors as possible.

To do this, simply go to Google Ads or SEMrush and generate keywords related to the main keyword.

7 – Be transparent about the fact that you are doing affiliation on a product :

If you want to increase your conversion rate, clearly specify when you offer an informational link, this will save you from negative remarks from your visitors…

8 – Write texts that will be valid for a long time :

A text to promote a product must be valid for a long time because you will not have the opportunity to modify the texts each time…

Avoid mentioning dates or facts that are too specific.

Write texts that will always be true. On the other hand, if the global situation changes (eg: the Crisis), you will have to review your arguments to stick to the news (no more message on the growth of turnover, etc.).

9 – Always start by offering the entry-level products before offering the high-end products of an affiliate program…

If you make sales of the Low Cost product, there will still be time to offer an additional offer.

10 – Open a new explorer when you link to the affiliate program (target=Blank), in order to keep the affiliate on your site and allow him to come back to it if necessary.

11 – Check your statistics against those of the affiliator, in particular the number of links clicked .

You can do this using URL shorteners.

Also check which program or which message generates the most clicks in order to optimize your site.

12 – Give a professional image of your website:

To inspire confidence and generate sales, you must give buyers confidence.

It is therefore essential to take care of your layout (not too many Adsense ads…), and a layout adapted to your theme (you can create a site via WordPress…).

Also pay close attention to the loading time of your page so as not to lose visitors along the way…

13 – Be effective in your texts:

Don’t write novels but be short, simple and direct.

Always highlight the current problems of your customers and the benefits brought by the product.

Remember that in France the VPC grants a right of withdrawal within 7 days (it is therefore a “risk-free, satisfied or refunded” purchase).

And as a last word of advice: DON’T SELL PRODUCTS FROM CHARLATANS , scams, poor quality products… you risk biting your fingers for a very very very long time!

How to get successful affiliate program

1 – Clearly explain why your affiliate program is interesting with 4 or 5 major arguments :

The price, the niche, the quality of the product, the mode of remuneration…

Ideally you should have a brief description, testimonials, statistics (turnover made by several affiliates, click rate, etc.).

2 – Be very quick to respond to affiliate requests, your image and the loyalty of your affiliates is at stake!

Indeed the good affiliates will always find tempting offers, so do not let them go to the competition simply because you did not immediately respond to their request!

3 – Explain very clearly how to set up your affiliate program :

Indeed, not all webmasters are computer pros…

You must therefore do a step-by-step tutorial on how to copy the links, set them up…

4 – Provide as many advertising materials as possible :

Text link, banner, skyscraper, square, standard emails to copy and paste… if possible, you should offer all the advertising formats, because the sites all have a slightly different design!

Similarly, innovate to convince your prospects: offer an extract from an ebook, a testimonial video, a demonstration video, etc.

5 – Be very transparent about the statistics and the turnover achieved …

A day-to-day inventory is essential.

Indeed, an affiliate who sees no sales will very quickly delete your program and switch to another more profitable one…

Also clearly explain what happens in the event of an order cancellation by prospects (between 2 and 10%)

6 – Relaunch registrants who have not set up the affiliate program :

It is very common that some people sign up, but do not implement the program due to lack of time…

You must therefore either relaunch them manually, or provide an automatic email 3 days after registration to ask them if all is well and if they need information (link to the FAQ, a tutorial to set up the program, etc. ).

One of the champions running its affiliate program is EasyFlirt.

Indeed once you have registered you will automatically receive a follow-up email 1 week later if you have not yet set up a shop with the instructions to do so with a mini-tutorial in pictures.

A few days after setting up the store, you receive a first email to explain how to promote your affiliation, and two weeks later still other advice for using a mailing list and setting up new systems to attract subscribers.

7 – Animate your affiliate network :

Generally an affiliate runs his programs after a few days if he sees no return, or a few weeks if turnover is generated…

You must therefore deal with this turnover by offering animations, new advertising banners, etc.

Here again, one of the models of its kind is Vista Print, with an impressive prospecting and loyalty chain with series of thematic, promotional and favorite reactivation emails.

8 – Communicate about your affiliate program :

Most companies make the mistake of “hiding” this tool to prevent their customers from using it for their internal use…

On the contrary, it must be highlighted to encourage visitors to become your ambassadors and consume more!

Likewise, it is important to issue press releases, articles on your blog, etc., on the subject of your affiliate program in order to increase their visibility on the Internet.

9 – Some affiliates are more important than others :

You must therefore offer them additional discounts by clearly indicating higher levels of remuneration that will encourage them to promote your program.

Similarly, schedule appointments and calls with your “Top 10” to make privileged contact and help them sell your products better (eg specific tools, help with optimizing their site, etc.).

For example in the field of X, some affiliators do not hesitate to invite their best affiliates to Pink Paradise once a year, guaranteed loyalty effect!

10 – Continuously optimize your affiliate program :

The Internet is a changing world, new advertising formats are appearing, competitors are entering your sector…

It is therefore essential to stay in contact with its affiliates, whether by email survey (surveys, etc.) or via an internet newsletter or even a Private Blog accessible only to affiliates.

11 – List your program on affiliate sites to recruit members

Similarly, if you know sites that have a non-competitive and complementary activity, offer them cross-emailing on your bases to recruit value-added affiliates.

12 – Carefully monitor the forms sent by your affiliates if you pay by form :

It is very tempting for an affiliate to ask his readers to fill out a form to help him or oversell a product…

You must therefore be able to track forms by affiliate to eliminate bad apples…

13 – Set a minimum payment threshold that is neither too low nor too high :

If you require a minimum turnover of 100 € before paying the commissions, you will put off the small affiliates, if you pay from 15 €, on the contrary, you risk paying a lot of affiliates very quickly…

The amount generally offered is €50, knowing that many affiliates never reach this amount.

It is also necessary to offer several means of payment (Paypal, in kind, via bank transfer, by check with a deduction if necessary, etc.), and short payment terms (1 month).

14 – Avoid offering your program to more than 2 affiliate platforms :

Generally affiliates are registered in the main affiliate sites…

If you use the services of one of the major sites you are sure to cover 75% of the affiliates who count… With two platforms you should reach 90%, so it is not worth paying more for 10% of affiliates which generally have little traffic…

15 – Be careful to be clear about the keywords that your affiliates can use in Adwords campaigns :

If you are not careful, you risk finding yourself in competition with your affiliates on your brand and your strategic keywords (and most often they will be in front of you!).

16 – If your affiliation contract with an affiliation platform allows it, deal directly with the 5% of affiliates who regularly generate 30% of turnover …

You will be able to optimize your promotional actions!

Similarly, as soon as your volume of business generated by affiliates is too high, use an affiliate program to manage your affiliates yourself, knowing that this will require time for all administrative work.

17 – Always offer higher commissions than your competitors’ affiliate programs .

If necessary, offer only Top Affiliates higher commissions.

On the other hand, avoid remuneration on all customer purchases without time limit, propose a limitation of commission to 1 year (max. 3 years).

18 – Offer affiliate sponsorship: ie you offer your affiliates to earn money on the sales made by the affiliates they have recruited.

The 19th and final advice, Make several cost assumptions depending on the success of your affiliate program , and be ready to “cut the tap” if the machine gets carried away.

There are 2 risks:

If successful, you risk seeing the amount to be paid to affiliates skyrocket very quickly, if you have long supplier payment terms, low margins… this can be very dangerous.

If you pay in proportion to the amount of money you make, the risk is mostly at the level of unpaid bills. If you pay on the form and you aren’t sure you’ll make money from “rotten” leads, you need to stop the offer right away. You need to keep an eye on how many people are converting, how much money they make, and how much money they spend.

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