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Tips for a Holiday social media strategy that surprises your fans

This year is also the time. As it begins to snow, shops play festive music and shoppers are looking for special gifts to buy for all their loved ones. Yes, the magical holiday season has arrived. With so much holiday shopping going on, it’s a great opportunity for your business to grow sales.

However, consumers are not only shopping in malls and retail stores these days, but also online. In fact, according to eMarketer, US retail store visits fell 7.5% in 2017. The convenience of online shopping is irresistible to many.

Therefore, if your target audience is shopping online, your business must also be online, whether it’s an e-commerce business or a physical store . By promoting your business online, you can drive traffic through your website or your front door.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to buy lots of online ads to attract customers to your business. Instead, you can spread a little holiday cheers on social media. Many target audiences are already using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, many people check these platforms many times a day. In 2018, 18% of US consumers also bought directly through social media. Therefore, you can attract a large number of products by increasing your presence on social media and celebrating the season with your viewers. Of new shoppers to your business.

Here’s how to create a holiday social media strategy that pleases your followers:

1. Check last year’s holiday campaign

First, before we start planning this year’s holiday social media campaign, we need to look back at last year’s holiday social media strategy. Obviously, if this is your first time creating a holiday social media strategy for your business, you can skip this step.

But this year’s holiday campaign will be even more successful, as you can see what worked and what didn’t by checking the success of last year’s holiday campaign.

You need to look at various factors, such as the type of content that has received the most engagement from your followers. Maybe you had a particular visual or copy that got a lot of likes and shares? If so, be aware of it. If one type of content produces a bigger splash than the other, it’s a good sign of empathy for viewers and you’ll want to do the same more this year.

You also need to see which social media platforms have produced the best results and focus on those channels for the continued success of this holiday season. You don’t want to waste your time and effort on a platform that isn’t working for you or your audience.

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2. Set goals for your holiday social media strategy

Next, you need to determine exactly what you want to achieve with your holiday social media strategy. Setting clear goals for the holiday season will help you create more focused campaigns and help you track your results better.

Also, keep in mind that not all companies have the same goal of selling large quantities of products to holiday shoppers.

For example, Bank of America does not sell products that are given as holiday gifts, but shares holiday-themed posts on social media to raise brand awareness.

So what are your goals? Is it to increase brand awareness? Sell ​​the product? Do you want to increase your engagement?

Select your main goal, write it down, and remember it throughout all stages of planning your holiday social media strategy.

3. Check out our competitors’ holiday campaigns

Once you’ve reviewed your previous holiday campaigns and set goals, it’s time to get started. But first, check out your competitors’ previous holiday campaigns as well.

With so much content posted on social media during the holiday season, it’s important to keep up with your competitors. More importantly, it stands out from the competition.

Pick some of the top competitors and scroll back to this time last year in your social media profile. Let’s take a look at the types of content they posted, the hashtags they used, the ones that worked best for them, and the ones that didn’t work. Use the insights you discover to shape your holiday social media strategy. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

4. Decorate your season profile

Now let’s start decorating. During your vacation, you’ll need to switch between social media profile cover photos to suit the season. Doing this adds a festive atmosphere to your profile. In addition, your followers can quickly find out that your business is in the holiday spirit. That’s because cover photos are often the first thing you see when they land on your profile.

You can switch the cover photo to a holiday-themed image, a holiday version logo, or view some of the holiday offers like the Coffee Shop Second Cup below.

With a free tool like Canva, you can easily create holiday-themed cover photos like the one above. On social media platforms that don’t have a cover photo, like Instagram, you can change your profile picture, add holiday messages and holiday emojis to your biography.

Bonus Tip : It’s important that your brand is online and consistent. So consider replacing your regular image with a festive image, or changing your WordPress theme to a theme designed specifically for your holidays to decorate your website for your social media account.

5. Create holiday-themed content

Next, we need to start creating holiday-themed content that allows us to share the weeks between Christmas and New Year’s Day. According to Statista, 64% of US consumers do holiday shopping between November 16th and 20th. So you can’t wait to start sharing your holiday content until a week before Christmas. You need to get them in the Holiday Spirit a few weeks ago. In short, you need a lot of holiday content.

But don’t worry. Creating holiday content doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, take a look at this Instagram post from Lush Cosmetics.

Simply share a simple holiday-themed image and festive captions to get the attention of your followers this season. Don’t forget to add an action phrase, like Lush, by informing the user to buy the gift by clicking the link in the user’s biography.

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Creating a large number of original holiday visuals can be time consuming and costly. That’s why you always have free, high quality stock photos from sites like Unsplash and AIX. Then just put your logo or text on top of them to better represent your brand.

Apart from the festive images, you should also consider these other fun content ideas for your holiday social media strategy.

  • Holiday-themed GIF and video posting
  • Promotion of seasonal offers and discounts
  • Create and share holiday-themed blog posts such as gift guides
  • Holding social media gifts
  • Posting social media ads

Remember that your holiday social media strategy isn’t just about getting likes, it’s about attracting more people to your website and generating sales. Therefore, strategies such as giving away giveaways and sharing holiday-themed blog posts will give more shoppers access to your site.

6. Schedule content

Once you’ve created your holiday content, you need to schedule it. The last thing I want to do during my vacation is to rush to my computer to post content every day.

When scheduling your content, keep in mind the best dates and times to post on social media.

Posting holiday content at the right time will increase your attention and engagement.

7. Monitor and track success

I see? Is it time to sit down and watch the magic happen? Well, it’s not perfect. Pay attention to your social media analysis through your holiday social media campaign.

Data from social media analytics is like direct feedback from customers and followers. You will be able to see what your followers like and dislike about your holiday social media campaign. Track metrics such as reach, impressions, shares and mentions, CTR, and total purchases to see if your strategy is on track. If desired, you can also make minor last-minute adjustments to your social media strategy based on your analysis.

Last Words

Holidays are a very busy time of the year. Therefore, it is very important to plan your holiday social media strategy in advance. Pre-planning your holiday social media campaign not only gives you peace of mind, but also increases your chances of achieving your goals for the season, including increased brand awareness and increased sales.

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