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Customers of Google’s G Suite free service are being targeted by Microsoft 365

It seems like Microsoft is making a determined effort to lure G Suite customers away from Google’s platform and onto its own.

Microsoft is giving a 60% discount on its Microsoft 365 platform to former G Suite users who are concerned about having to pay for Google’s services in the future.

Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and other G Suite services will no longer be free after May 1, 2022, according to a Google announcement. Instead, customers will be “upgraded” to a paid membership.

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“Productivity and collaboration tools are critical to the smooth operation of businesses of all sizes. G Suite is no longer free for small businesses, and we saw that you could be in the market for a new solution “Head of Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro penned a blog post.

The decision to discontinue the free version of G Suite has been met with a variety of reactions from its users. It may be interpreted as an attempt by Google to extract more money from its customers. There are mandated renovations that cost between $72 and $216 a year that are required by law. However, for some, it might be seen as a way for Google to improve security, with pricier plans offering further help. Twitter’s mood ranged from sarcastic: Even while it’s difficult to tell how many G Suite users would switch to another email service, this news could indicate that the glory days of internet giants like Google and Facebook are over. In other news, Coco Chanel famously observed, “The nicest things in life are completely free.”

It’s a lot of money to get the second best things.” But we’re not on the same page.

The greatest online tools tend to have a good mix between functionality and cost. Because software development is an expensive process, most businesses will have to charge for their products in order to remain viable. Even if the first app you test appears excellent, you should always examine at least three options before making a decision on a new app or cloud-based program. Prior to making a decision, G Suite users should try out three other options first. While Office 365 has more functionality than G Suite, it costs extra for additional security and offline access. In contrast, Private Email Ultimate provides you with automatic spam protection and up to five email inboxes. Do your homework,

Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, or Business Premium subscriptions are available at a 60 percent discount today, along with the assistance you need to make the switch.

A 12-month Microsoft 365 subscription is only available to existing G Suite legacy free version customers who sign up for the service by August 2, 2022.

Microsoft 365’s platform for small companies, Business Assist for Microsoft 365, offers one year of free assistance to businesses in the United States.

Google has yet to reply to Microsoft’s daring move, but the company’s risk-taking might pay off.

Google’s decision to end the G Suite legacy free version on July 1, 2022, with any customers who haven’t begun paying after 60 days being shut out, has left many legacy G Suite users unhappy.

Some non-business users, however, may be able to keep their existing G Suite free edition subscription for a few more months because to a recent loophole in the system.

If you haven’t started paying for G Suite after 60 days, you’ll be locked out of the service on July 1, 2022, according to Google. However, Ars Technica writer Ron Amadeo discovered a gap that could allow non-business users to circumvent the upgrade. Users who “use G Suite legacy free edition for personal use and don’t wish to convert to a Google Workspace subscription” were mentioned in the FAQ for the transition. Workspace’s initial build, known as Google Apps, was launched in 2006 and included users who had non-gmail.com email addresses at the time of signing up. Certain services related to a Google account, but not the complete Workspace suite, may be accessible to users who have provided their Google accounts to relatives or friends.

 Improved features compete with Microsoft 365 for Google Workspace users. Starting and running a small business doesn’t have to be difficult using Google Workspace Individual. With a tiny but critical change, Google takes aim at Microsoft 365. On May 1, Google planned to automatically upgrade free customers to “an improved Google Workspace paid subscription” based on its analysis of consumer usage and the features it believes you’ll need. Depending on the plan you choose, Google Workplace plans range from $6/user/month for the Business Starter option to $12/user/month for Business Standard and $18/user/month for Business Plus. For the first year, Google is offering a discount and will not begin charging fees until July 1, 2022. Businesses that don’t want to pay or upgrade can still get their data exported for free.

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For free Google Workspace customers, the company claims it will automatically upgrade them to “an improved Google Workspace premium membership” starting May 1, based on its analysis of customer use and the features it believes you’ll need.

Workplace options from Google begin as little as $6 a month per user, with Business Starter ($12 a month) and Business Standard ($18 a month per user) delivering progressively higher levels of service.

Google will not begin collecting monthly fees until July 1, 2022, even though it is now giving a 12-month discount. Businesses that do not want to upgrade or pay for the service may still export their data for free.

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