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How to Maintain a good Smell in the room, Use beautiful scent And Fragrance!

One of the conditions for living comfortably every day is the “smell”. Nobody wants to live in a room that smells bad. It’s stressful and can’t be tolerated for a few minutes. On the contrary, I am happy if the room smells good. I feel better, and I do my best to get a good night’s sleep and work more efficiently. The room is filled with various scents every day. The smell of food, the smell of toilets, and the smell of garbage are typical of unpleasant smells. Tobacco is also a big problem for smokers.

There are a lot of odor-improving goods such as air fresheners, perfumes, and deodorants, but which one is really the right way to do it? This time, I will introduce the correct knowledge to eliminate unpleasant Smell and enjoy good Smell. 

Procedures are important to maintain a good smell in the room!

If you find your favorite scent, you will think, “This is it!” While shopping, you will want to enjoy it in your room. A good smell is a very nice existence that brings you a happy mood. However, the procedure is very important to maintain your favorite scent in the room. This section describes the procedure and precautions.

Fragrances are just a basic deception

It is easy to think that if you put a fragrance that has a nice scent such as rose, it will absorb the unpleasant odor, but the fragrance does not have a deodorizing effect. On the contrary, the scent of fragrances mixes with the scent of cigarettes and toilets, causing a strong scent.

No matter how good the scent, if it is mixed with other scents, it will turn into an unpleasant scent. Be careful not to make a mistake in using it.

The iron rule is to first remove the “obstructive odor”

When the scents collide, the scent will not be good. Then what should I do? The answer is simple, just remove the unpleasant odor first.

  • Cooking (oil and food waste)
  • Around water (dirt on the drain)
  • Rubbish
  • Laundry
  • Tobacco

The cause of these smell is that the more you leave them alone, the stronger the odor. It is important to make efforts to prevent the cause even a little, such as by cleaning diligently.

How to get rid of disturbing Smell from the room

Unpleasant smell such as cigarettes, garbage, and toilets tend to fill the room. There are steps to fight off these smell. It’s easy to do at home, so give it a try.

1. First of all, ventilation!

Ventilation is the most important thing. There are various ventilation methods, but opening the window to replace the air is the quickest and most effective. Ideally, you should open the window once a day to evoke even in the cold winter.

2. Put things away

When things are overflowing, even if you open the window, the air circulation is bad and the smell does not come out. It is also important to get in the habit of disposing of unnecessary things that cause smell as soon as possible.

3. Use deodorant or deodorant spray

Use commercially available deodorants and deodorant sprays. It’s not an air freshener, it’s a deodorant. Bincho charcoal, which has a high odor absorption capacity, is also recommended.

4. Washing curtains and carpets

Strong smell such as cigarettes and food also adhere to curtains and carpets. Therefore, the odor does not disappear just by using ventilation and deodorant. You don’t have to do it every day, but it’s a good idea to wash it once every two to three months.

Tips for choosing a nice scent (room fragrance items)

fragrance products for your home

Once the scents of cigarettes and food have completely disappeared, it’s finally time for a nice scent such as a fragrance. there is a best essential oil for home fragrance, The standard for a good scent is myself. Choose the scent that you think “I like” or “Don’t calm down” from all kinds of scents.

However, it is NG to mix with many good smell. If there are multiple smell in the same space, they will inevitably mix. Even if it smells good and smells good, it can become a bad smell when mixed.

For more details for room fragrance items check The Singapore Woman Weekly article

Even in spaces blocked by doors such as the toilet and living room, once the door is opened, the scent will be mixed. If you really want to enjoy several kinds of scents, at least make the system the same. If it’s a sweet scent, it’s a sweet scent, and if it’s a citrus, it’s just a citrus. If the combination is good, it may have a nice scent.

[Use properly according to location] Items that maintain a good Fragrance

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The house is full of scents. How can the scent persist in each place, such as the living room, kitchen, and toilet? Pay attention to the size of the room and the ability to diffuse smell, and make good use of the perfect goods.


It is easy for the smell to come out at the entrance where many people come and go. Also, since we often welcome visitors, it may be odorless so as not to make anyone uncomfortable. If you have a shoe box, use a deodorant to prevent the odor from becoming muffled.

If you want to enjoy a little scent, aroma stones and sachets that give off a faint scent are the best choice.


Since the living room is a large space in the house, it is difficult to fill it with scent. Therefore, use goods that spread the scent as much as possible. An ultrasonic aroma diffuser that uses the power of electricity to spread the scent makes it easy to spread the scent throughout the room.


The kitchen is a place filled with the smell of food, so it is important to use a ventilation fan to fight off bad Smell after cooking. A spray-type scent is recommended to enjoy a good scent. When you think “I want a scent”, just spray it once to create a fresh space.

Own room

It’s a space where you can enjoy your time, so use your favorite scent abundantly. With the lead diffuser, you can create a stylish room. If you use an aroma lamp when you go to bed, it will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Toilet, washroom

It is recommended to enjoy a small scent in the toilet and washroom, which are relatively small rooms in the house. Even if you leave soap or sachet with your favorite scent, it will have a faint scent. If you are concerned about the smell of the toilet, use a deodorant instead of an air freshener.

Efficacy is attractive! Recommendation of aroma oil

Aroma oil that I often hear in recent years. Not only in odor specialty stores, but also in major household goods stores and general stores, it has come to be found frequently. A wide variety of scented products have appeared, and the ways to enjoy scents are diversifying according to individual tastes.

Types of aroma oils that can be selected according to efficacy

As it is called “aromatherapy”, aroma oil has the power to calm people’s minds and bring about mental stability by smell. The effect varies depending on the scent system, so it is interesting to choose the scent according to your own worries.

For example, popular lavender is effective in reducing stress and getting a good night’s sleep. And if you want to concentrate on your studies and work, we recommend fresh scents such as lemon, peppermint and grapefruit.

Aroma oils are said to be effective not only for mental health but also for physical disorders. Use lavender for headaches, rosemary for stiff shoulders, and eucalyptus for hay fever. The power of smell is great.

How to use aroma oil

There are many ways to use aroma oils. Find the method that suits you.

・ Aroma in the bath

A better relaxing space will be created if you add an aroma to the bath that warms and calms the body, a better relaxing space will be created. All you have to do is add 2 to 5 drops of aroma oil to the hot water in the bath. If you take a half-body bath with a nice scent, your mind atry an ody will be more relaxed. You can also try aroma lamp,

Uses of aroma diffuser

  • It aids in the relaxation process…
  • It helps people feel more relaxed….
  • Enhances clarity and concentration….
  • It makes it easier to make adjustments in one’s lifestyle.
  • Enhances your overall mood….
  • It helps to reduce the look of redness.
  • Breathing will be easier once the airways are cleared.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

・ Candle

A candle is made by mixing wax with aroma oil. The scent and the warm light of the candles calm the mind. It is a nice item to keep as a cute miscellaneous item.it will also be used for air freshener for small spaces,

・ Lead diffuser

A diffuser with a wooden stick in the bottle of the bottle. here you can Use aroma oil in diffuser Simply mix ethanol and aroma oil in the bottle and you’re done. It looks very fashionable, isn’t it?

・ Ultrasonic diffuser

An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an electric appliance that emits a scent of mist. The nice point is that the scent reaches a wide area. Also, the effect of the mist makes it feel cool in the summer, which is why it is recommended. However, there is no humidifying effect, so be careful not to make a mistake.


In this article, You can also try essential oils to scent a room, I showed you how to maintain a good odor in your room. If it is full of unpleasant Smell, trying to counteract it with a good odor will have the opposite effect. The “correct” way is to get rid of the unpleasant Smell and then use fragrances and aromas that have a good smell.

There are many ways to eliminate unpleasant smell, but the most important one is ventilation. If you feel a bad smell, open the window first. It is effective to use a deodorant in places where ventilation is difficult, such as in the bathroom.

If the odor has soaked into the walls and curtains, it may not go away with ventilation. In that case, you may want to consult a deodorant professional. With the deodorizing method unique to professionals, Smell that you cannot remove yourself will be completely eliminated.

If you can deodorize it, use an air freshener or aroma oil with your favorite scent. A better scent lasts longer than when there is an unpleasant scent, creating a more comfortable space.

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