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How To Fix WiFi Not Working

How to Fix WiFi Not Working – WiFi Not Show Up on Laptops and PC!

To fix issues such as WiFi connected but no internet on Windows 10, no internet connection and WiFi fix, you can use the solution provided below to resolve your issue.

Your laptop’s WiFi isn’t working, and you haven’t done anything to cause the WiFi to not show up as an issue. Don’t get too worked up about it!

Whether your WiFi is not working or is not showing up, we can help. The problem is frequently caused by a clerical error, and many people have successfully resolved the WiFi Not Working on a Laptop problem by following the instructions in this article.

The reason for WiFi not showing up difficulties is as follows:

  • There are a variety of factors that contribute to this problem, in general:
  • The issue with WiFi
  • The difficulty in connecting the dots
  • The improper WiFi settings in your wifi router as well as in your PC.
  • The issue with a missing or out-of-date wifi driver
  • However, the good news is that you may quickly troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

This guideline teaches you to six different methods of troubleshooting.

Figure out what WiFi card you have. Usually looking under the device manager under the Network section will give you this info.
Go to your favorite search engine and search {Your WiFi card} drivers Windows 7.
Click on the result that is from the website for the company that made your wifi card.
Download the driver installer for windows 7.
Run the installer when it is finished.
Rebooting your computer may not be necessary, but it may be a good idea.
Set up your WiFi network for use.

Check your network settings

If you don’t have the WiFi switch on your Laptop or computer, you can check it in your system.

Right-click the Internet icon, and click Open Network and Sharing Center.

Change Adapter Settings

Right-click WiFi, and click Enable. Note: If it has enabled, you will see Disable when right-clicking on WiFi. (also referred to as Wireless Network Connection in different computers).

Restart your Windows and reconnect your WiFi again.

Check to see if the network is hidden

Hiding a wireless network can be an effective way to protect privacy. However, it could result in the WiFi network not showing up on a device, and In order to connect with a hidden network, and the SSID and other network details are required. Access WiFi settings to access the network. While steps could vary between devices, these settings are in Network and Internet Settings in Windows.

Go to Setting > Network and Internet.

Choose WiFi from the left menu. Then select Manage Known Networks >

Add a New Network.

Enter the SSID in the Network Name box.

Select the security type.

Enter the network password in the Security key box.

Select Connect Automatically. Select Save.

The device will connect to the network if it is accessible.

Enable the wifi service with the Wifi switch

Note: In the first place, make sure you are within the WiFi network range while you are following the steps below.

Some Laptops, such as HP Lenovo, Dell, have a switch or a key on your keyboard to turn on/off WiFi (like Fn+F5). then Check the switch or keys and turn your WiFi service on.

 Check your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If your troubleshooting efforts do not fix the problem, then contact your internet service provider.
And also These could be an areawide issue of you are unaware, or there might be a defect in the equipment provided by the company

Troubleshoot your wireless Connection

Troubleshoot your wireless connection. and the last one, you can try this method at first.
So make sure there is no problem with the device you are trying to connect. if the issue is your Wi-Fi network not showing up on your Laptop, for example, take a few minutes to make sure everything on the computer is as it physical, an internal setting, or both.

That’s Hope this post comes in handy and helps fix your Wi-Fi Not Working Problem.

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