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How to fix 0x3A98 error in Windows 10

7 Methods to fix 0x3A98 error in Windows 10 WlanReport via CMD

How to Fix 0x3A98 error In Windows 10, this is a network-related error that has plagued many users. According to users, even if the PC is connected to the network, the PC cannot access the Internet. This error usually appears in the Wlan Report. This error may appear in the WlanReport even if your internet connection is working properly.

If you also get 0x3A98 error on your PC, this article will help you get rid of the error through multiple solutions that will also help other users.

This is methods to fix 0x3A98 Error in Windows 10 :

Solution 1: Make sure your PC is connected to the internet

Make sure your PC is connected to the internet before you start troubleshooting. The first thing to do is make sure your PC’s WiFi is turned on. If not, turn it on and connect to your WiFi network. You also need to make sure that airplane mode on your PC is turned off.

If your PC does not connect to your network automatically, click the WiFi icon to see a list of available WiFi networks. Try connecting to the WiFi network manually.

You can also see the physical WiFi switch on your laptop keyboard. Just in case, please switch it off / on once.

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Solution 2: Perform network troubleshooting

Another way to get rid of 0x3A98 error on your PC is to run a network troubleshooting tool. This tool runs diagnostics on your computer to find network or connectivity related issues and fix them if found. To perform this troubleshooting, follow these steps:

Step 1 : Click StartClick the button to select Settings Settings Open Options Settings app.

Step 2 : In the Settings app, click Network & Internet Options.

Step 3 : In the Network and Internet Settings window, click Status Click the option on the left tab, then go to the tab on the right. There, in the Advanced network settings section, click on the Network troubleshooter option.

Step 4 : NS Network Troubleshooting Open Now. Now click the All network adapters option and click the Next button.

Troubleshooting begins searching for network-related issues on your PC. If a problem is detected, you will be prompted to apply a fix. Go ahead and apply the fix to see if your PC’s network problem has been resolved.

Solution 3: Reboot the wireless router

One of the basic solutions to solve this problem is to restart the wireless router. Remove the power of the WiFi router. Wait about 1 minute with the router unplugged, then reconnect the power. Doing so will establish a new internet connection with your ISP and may resolve the issue.

After WiFi restarts, check if the internet is backed up to your PC. Is the problem solved?

Solution 4: Perform a network reset

Performing a network reset has been reported to fix a variety of network-related issues, including 0x3A98 errors. There are two ways to perform a network reset 1) Command Prompt from Settings app 2) .

You can start by performing a network reset using the Settings app. If that doesn’t work, try the command prompt method. Network reset by setting app

Step 1 : Open Settings The following menu Step 1 Solution 2 .

Step 2 : In the Settings app, Network & Internet options.

Step 3 : In the Network and Internet Settings menu, select an option from the left pane of Status , then go to the right pane and scroll down to the Network Reset option.

When the Network Reset window opens, select the Reset Now option and Yes the option to continue and complete the reset.

After the reset is complete, check to see if the network issue has been fixed. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Network reset at command prompt

Yet another solution to fix the 0x3A98 error in Windows 10 is to run the network reset command at the command prompt. Again, you need to open a command prompt in admin mode on your PC. Follow the steps:

Step 1 : Follow Step 1 to open a command prompt with Solution 3 administrator privileges.

Step 2 : In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command. Press after each line of the command shown below. Enter button:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig / release
ipconfig / renew
ipconfig / flushdns

Running this set of commands resets the network connection and fixes any issues that may be causing the error. Was the reset able to get rid of the 0x3A98 error?

Solution 5: Uninstall the network adapter driver

Problems with the network adapter driver can result in a 0x3A98 error on your PC. Have you recently updated your PC and have you started getting errors since then? In that case, you need to uninstall the network adapter driver and reinstall it on your PC.

Before uninstalling the driver, we recommend that you download the network adapter driver from the PC manufacturer’s website. If the internet is not working on your PC, download the driver to another PC and transfer it to your PC with a flash drive. You will need to have your PC model name / number handy when you download the network adapter driver.

Once you have the driver on your PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Press Win + X Keyboard keys, then select Device Manager Options from the menu .

Step 2 : Inside the Device Manager window is a list of devices. Here, click Network adapters Options to expand the list of drivers under it. Find the wireless driver, right-click and select the option from the Uninstall device menu.

Step 3 : After successfully uninstalling the network driver, restart your PC. In most scenarios, the missing driver will be installed automatically after a reboot. If not, run the previously downloaded driver file and install it on your PC.

After the network driver is installed, restart your PC and make sure your PC is connected to your WiFi network. Then check if you can access the internet on your PC and see if there are any 0x3A98 errors.

Solution 6: Uninstall the latest Windows Update

We recommend that you check the compatibility of your network adapter driver with the latest Windows Update on your PC. Again, this is a way to try if you start getting 0x3A98 errors right after Windows Update.

This error can occur if the latest Windows Update is not compatible with your PC’s network adapter driver. With this solution, you can proceed to uninstall the latest Windows Update and see if that resolves the issue. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Open Solution 2 of Step 1 as shown in Settings Settings app on your PC.

Step 2 : In the Settings app, click Update & Security Options.

Step 3 : In a new window, go to the left window and select Windows Update Options. Then go to the right pane and select the View update history option.

Step 4 : On the next screen, the Uninstall updates option.

Did this solution solve the problem? If yes, you may need to look for an updated version of the network adapter driver. Here’s how to update your device driver in Windows 10.

Did the above solution help you get rid of the 0x3A98 error? If yes, please let us know in the comments section. It makes things easier for other users. If the problem persists, we will do our best to resolve it, so please let us know.

Solution 7: Run WlanReport in CMD admin mode

WlanReport in Command Prompt Admin Mode as reported by certain users helped them get rid of 0x3A98 error in WlanReport on Windows 10. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Press the Start button and type the following in the Start Search box cmd . The command prompt search results are displayed, as shown in the screenshot below. Here, the Run as administrator option.

Step 2 : The command prompt now opens in administrator mode. Now type the following command and press Enter :

netsh wlan show wlanreport

Check the report to see if you see the 0x3A98 error here. If you do not find any errors in this report, it means that due to user account restrictions, the error occurred while running WlandReport in CMD without administrator privileges.

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