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jio sim internet and network problem

How to Fix Jio SIM Not Working, No Internet, No Signal/Slow Mobile Network

Reliance Jio has changed the face of the telecom sector in India. The Mukesh Ambani led telecom company has disrupted the telecom operator with its offering of free voice calls and cheaper data plans. The company was well received by Indian consumers and within no time, it became the leading telecom operator in the country, surpassing rival players. However, similar to other telcos, Jio has often been plagued by call quality, network, network stability, and calls. If you are one among the Jio customers, looking for solutions to the commonly faced Jio problems, then the article is just for you. In this article, we discuss the various frequently occurring issues surrounding Reliance Jio and also offer you solutions to fix such issues.

Sim Recognized but No Network

If your Jio SIM is recognized but do not show any network, then you can follow the below steps to resolve the issue. This problem is also common when you bring a new Jio sim, new jio sim not showing network is common after the first kyc.

Set Jio SIM as Default for Internet Data

  • If your Jio SIM does not display any signals, you can set Jio SIM as default for internet data.
  • For this, you can follow the path: Go to Settings → SIM Cards/SIM Management/Edit SIM → Mobile data/Internet → Select Jio Network → Set Network as LTE/4G

You then have to set the network as 4G/LTE. Follow the steps given below to set the Jio as LTE/4G

  • Open Android Settings on your smartphone
  • Then under “Wireless and Settings” click More
  • Select Mobile networks/cellular networks
  • Select your SIM card ( In case if you own a dual SIM phone)
  • You can then select Network Mode/preferred network type and click it 
  • You can then find three options such as GSM only, WCDMA only and 4G/LTE
  • Choose the option LTE/4G
  • Once done, then restart your phone
  • That’s it! You Jio SIM starts working with data.

Use Network Radio to Fix Jio Network Issues

  • Open your smartphone and dial *#*#4636#*#* using the dialler
  • Click on phone info and Run Ping Test
  • Set preferred network type as LTE/GSM auto
  • Switch off the radio and turn it on
  • Restart the phone to resolve the issue

How to Set APN for Jio SIM?

If the phone does not have a set APN, then you can change the settings for Jio. For this, navigate to settings–mobile networks—Access Point names and set APN- jionet.

Issue: SIM Recognised, Network Available But No Data

In some instances, you might have come across a situation, when the SIM is recognised, the phone also displays the available network. But even then, the data does not work. In such instances, follow the below steps to access the internet.

  • Open MyJio application on your phone
  • Click on Manage Jio account
  • The click sign-in to access the internet

 Switch on the Flight Mode

Switching on Flight mode and turning it off can also work wonders in case of signal instability. Turning on Flight mode cuts the SIM cards from power for a short bit of time. When it is switched on to normal mode, the internet starts to function again.

Jio Internet Slow And Fast Speed Internet Problems

If you are facing slow internet in jio sim then try this steps to fix this problems in seconds. you internet settings is not a problem in 2022 cuz its just automatically applied when sim injected into your smartphones. so what you have to ndo now if your internet is slow?How can you speed up your jio internet speed? yeah so be with with this article article to know about how to fix this problem.

Issue: SIM Not Recognized

If anytime you face the issue SIM not recognised, then you can resolve the issue by three modes. They include Activation checkup, enabling accessibility permissions and checking the device compatibility.

Check for Activation

When you brought the Jio SIM, it takes a bit of time for activation. Initially, an SMS would be sent for document verification on your alternate number. Then after you would receive another SMS concerning the Tele Verification. It may take a few hours or days. After successful activation, insert the Jio SIM and start availing the services.

Fixing Accessibility Issues

Install the Jio Security app from Google Play. Open the app and give the required permissions. Scan the phone and change all the apps to trusted in case if it displays any risk.

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Device Compatibility

For Jio to work it is mandatory to insert the SIM in the first slot in case of dual SIM mobiles. Also ensure your phone is 4G enabled and supports Band 40, where Jio offers the internet. If the device does not support any of the 4G bands offered by Reliance Jio in a particular state, then the 4G network will not work on the device.

Issue: SIM is Working, But Cannot Make Calls

Ensure that your device supports Voice Over LTE (VoLTE). If it supports, then you can download the JioJoin app from Google Play. You then need to login to the account using your credentials. You can then start making calls over the network.

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