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Tonic Bengali Box Office Collection, Budget And True Review

Tonic is a Bengali family drama film directed by avijit Sen, tonic released on December 24 in 2021, Film story is amazing produced by Atanu Raychaudhuri. Based on life tonic ‘energy booster’ everyone can watch this bengali family picture.

However, The Bengali films are incomplete without dram, comedy, and emotional scenes. Tonic films are fully enjoyable movies in 2021. Latest Bengali Films scheduled to release in 2022.

Atanu Roychoudhury and Pranab Kumar Guha of Bengal Talkies directed and produced the film. Rajatabha Dutta, Dev, Paran Bandopadhyay, Shakuntala Barua, Sujan Mukhopadhyay and Koneenica Banerjee star in the film along with Biswanath Basu, Biswajit Chakraborty and Koneenica Banerjee in supporting roles. Tonic will have its cinematic debut in India in 2021.

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Film Review

Tonic (Dev), a travel agent who claims to fulfil all of Jaladhar’s wishes, is introduced to him by the same friend. Additionally, Jaladhar is preparing an anniversary trip to prove to his kid that he is not as weak and old as he is made to feel by society. As a result, all of the preparations are made without the son’s knowledge, which makes for some hilarious scenes.

However, things don’t go according to plan, and the elderly couple is forced to travel to Darjeeling in secret. Aside from having the fun of their lives in Darjeeling, Jaladhar and his wife Uma (Shakuntala Barua) triumph over their concerns and show to themselves that they are younger than their son would ever be.

Tonic 2021 film
Tonic Bengali Film Review

First, there are the best lines and a fast-paced screenplay. The rest of the cast, including Rajatava Dutta as the police officer who goes to Jaladhar’s house to check his passport and then files the missing diary entry on a complaint from Jaladhar’s son for his parents. Kanchan Mullick, who plays the person who makes fake documents, is fun to watch for the five minutes he is on screen.

It’s a lot better when Dev plays Tonic, a friend who has all the answers and good ideas. He’s better than he has been in many of his other movies. He seems to have had a lot of fun making friends with Bandopadhyay on screen. At times, though, he seems to be screaming for no reason. There are some funny jokes in the movie to make Tonic look like a hero, but as the movie goes on, they lose their appeal.

Supriyo Dutta’s cinematography helps show the subtleties of the comedy of errors by setting up a few “stock” scenes. That’s a shame, but the film still gets boring at the end. Sujay Dutta Roy’s editing doesn’t help much.

They all sound great, but especially “E Mon Eka” by Nachiketa Chakraborty and “Aaynate,” sung by Anupam Roy, sound great to listen to. There are songs that match Jaladhar’s feelings about love and death, and the songs also make the people who listen to them want to go back in time.

Creators put too many ideas into the first half and ran out of ideas in the second. It’s a shame, because the movie has a lot of fun comic moments at the start, only to let the viewer down at the end. However, even though Dev plays the main character in the movie, Tonic is Paran Bandopadhyay’s movie all the way through. It’s worth watching just to see how good the veteran looks on screen.

Film Plot

Tonic follows retired Jaladhar Sen, 75, as he lives with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Their connection is strained by the son’s domineering demeanor and excessive possessiveness. The plot revolves around the elderly couple’s difficulties caused by their family’s behavior and worsens when their son and daughter-in-law celebrate their wedding anniversary in grand style while their 46th wedding anniversary is scheduled as a simple get-together. The old man prepares a foreign trip and therefore meets Tonic, a travel agent who later proves to be a miracle worker in life. The international trip is canceled, as does the Darjeeling trip, due to Jaladhar’s severe sickness, but it is Tonic’s pleasant presence that restores the Sen family’s lost happiness and love.

Film Details

Movie Name : Tonic
Release Date : 24 December, 2021
Directed by : Avijit Sen
Produced by : Atanu Raychaudhuri & Pranab Kumar Guha
Cinematography : Supriyo Dutta
Edited by : Sujay Datta Ray
Music For Background Score : Raja Narayan Deb
Music For Songs : Jeet Ganguly
Production company : Bengal Talkies &
Dev Entertainment Ventures
Distributed by : Bengal Talkies

Tonic Movie Box Office Collection

According to the source of the film’s creators, the budget of the tonic film is approx. 1 crore INR, and box office collection is ₹3 crore (US$400,000).

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Top Tonic Fans Review on Socials

Housefull shows has a different Charm Thank you Dev and Paran Bandopadhyay for this Christmas Gift. ! Enjoying this version of Dev 2.0, Chetepute Go with your Family to cherish each & every moments of the film. Dev Entertainment Ventures Bengal Talkies – By swarnabindu-bhattacharya

Nice movie..hv seen 2times already…perfect for all ages.. from script writing to song to acting everything was perfect & relatable..This film again showed that Bengali film no place lesser than other films…rather This film is really a tonic ‘an energy booster’ for all ages, all person, It’s also inspiring, full of comedy & emotion , every feelings was present in this film .. Loved to watch it …will suggest all to go & watch this film…it’s really an unique film..No Panic Only Tonic – By suvamoyghosh-27230

Tonic Film Trailer source: Youtube

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