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Akhanda Movie

Akhanda Box Office Collection Nandamuri Balakrishna Starrer’s Earnings So Far

Akhanda Film Starrer Nandamuri Balakrishna’s fans and following are on cloud nine as his newest blockbuster Akhanda surpasses Rs 100 crore at the global box office. As the action thriller nears the end of its 20-day theatrical run, its international gross has reached Rs 67.90 crore, while its worldwide share stands at Rs 118.3 crore.

Akhanda Movie 20 Days Box Office Collection

Akhanda Budget:₹ 50 Cr* Approx
Box Office Collection₹ 103.3 Cr
Screen Countindia

In terms of box office revenue, Akhanda got off to a strong start in the United States. However, during the weekdays, the film’s collection dwindled, but on the weekends, it picked up. A week later, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa was released, but the Balayya-starrer kept its momentum going. The majority of its money came from the Nizam region, while the Nellore region provided a smaller amount.

Akhanda continues to roar at the box office, with an excellent hold in collections during its fourth week of the run. The third Balakrishna – Boyapati combo movie has now crossed Rs. 100 crores at the Indian box office, making it the first film of both to cruise over the coveted number. 

The film had a drop in collections in the third week due to reduced showcasing with the release of Pushpa: The Rise, but the collections kept coming on low levels. In the fourth week, the collections held and at places barely dropped 10 per cent from the previous week. There is another week before the release of RRR, with an additional boost from the New Year day, the film can continue to collect and go over Rs. 105 crores.

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Source: Akhanda Movie Filmymeet

Note: The box office figures were compiled using a variety of sources as well as our own research. The data is approximate, and Filmyboot makes no guarantees about its accuracy.

Pragya Jaiswal Hottest Actress, Jagapathi Babu, Srikanth, Shamna Kasim, Avinash, Subbaraju, P Sai Kumar, Sravan and Prabhakar are among the stars of Akhanda, a film directed by Boyapati Srinu that features a star-studded ensemble. For those who haven’t seen it, this is director Balakrishna’s third film with him following Simha and Legend. It’s a collaboration between producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy’s Dwaraka Creations and music composer S Thaman, with cinematography and editing by C Ram Prasad and KV Venkateswara Rao behind the camera. M Ratnam wrote the script’s dialogues.

Investors in Nizam and Ceeded, as well as some areas of Coastal Andhra, have reaped the benefits of the film’s success, despite decreased ticket prices and theater closures. There were several complications in Andhra Pradesh that may have cost the picture as much as Rs. 20 crores in the state. Over Rs. 110 crores would have made the picture one of the top grossers of all time in AP/TS.

For a worldwide total of Rs. 115 crores, the film has earned an additional Rs. 12 crores outside of India (Rs. 68 crores Approx share). Watch akhanda movie online trailer here.

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Pragya Jaiswal And Srikkanth

This is the third film in the cinematic universe by stars Anandamurthy Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal and Srikkanth, and Balakrishna with telugu movies thinking about Turbo Fuel, released in theaters last week,. Yes, you heard it absolutely right, then John saw you in a triple role in one of his films and your condition got so bad that here Balakrishna is also feeling the same way in which he is seen in a double role, and soon he will celebrate the wonderful festival. are also doing it.

Poorna appearing in ‘Akhanda‘ as a special guest, Poorna, also known as Shamna Kasim, has never previously collaborated with Balakrishna. She is now hopeful that the film would open up new doors for her in the Tollywood industry.

Yes, the film is showing an amazing performance at the box office and perhaps this will be a big reason why so many of you are commenting. Enjoying the last few days. To review this film, tell the truth right away, I was also waiting for Sunday because I knew that this is such a film.

Boyapati Sreenu’s Akhanda starring Nandamuri Balakrishna has emerged the biggest grosser for the lead star during its opening week. The film grossed ₹77.75 crore at Indian box office earning ₹49.6 crore share to its distributors. The film raked in another $1.35M (₹10.1 crore) overseas for a global gross of ₹87.85 crore, earning ₹54.2 crore share.

After the sensational opening weekend, the film held well on Monday in Telugu states and then there were usual drops during the weekdays, which is common for the genre. The film should be able to add another ₹14-15 crore in its second week before Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa arrives next week. A closing total of ₹95 crore (₹57 crore Share) can be expected from the film. It will be the first NBK movie to gross over ₹100 crore worldwide.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.495.1_en.html#goog_669774571

Akhanda (2021) Movie day-wise collection

The following is the daywise box office collection of Akhanda at the Indian box office.

  • Thursday – ₹22 crore
  • Friday – ₹11.5 crore
  • Saturday – ₹12 crore
  • Sunday – ₹14.5 crore
  • Monday – ₹6.75 crore
  • Tuesday – ₹5 crore
  • Wednesday – ₹3.25 crore
  • Thursday – ₹2.75 crore
  • Total – ₹77.75 crore

The film is a huge blockbuster for its investors in Nizam and Overseas territories. In Nizam, the film fetched an estimated ₹11 crore for its theatrical rights and has already earned ₹15.3 crore in its first week. The overseas breakeven was done in 2 days itself, with rights sold at ₹2.5 crores approx, earning ₹4.6 crore plus share so far.

The recovery is due in Andhra Pradesh, where ticket price reduction has hurt the collection, and that’s an issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Generally for  a NBK movie, you will have Andhra Pradesh earning as much as 3 times of Nizam, while for this film it’s barely 2x. The film lost probably 30% of business in Andhra Pradesh due to the ongoing issue.

The industry standard in Tollywood is film box office reporting in shares. Those looking for that, we have you covered right below, with gross numbers in brackets with geo akhanda earnings (business)

Nizam – ₹15.3 crore (₹26 crore)

Ceeded – ₹11.8 crore (₹15 crore)

Andhra – ₹18.9 crore (₹29.5 crore)

AP/TS – ₹46 crore (₹70.50 crore)

Rest of India – ₹3.6 crore (₹7.25 crore)

India – ₹49.6 crore (₹77.75 crore) 

USA/CAN – ₹3.2 crore (₹6.85 crore)

AUS – ₹0.5 crore (₹1.2 crore)

Gulf – ₹0.3 crore (₹0.75 crore)

UK & Europe and ROW – ₹0.6 crore (₹1.3 crore)

Overseas – ₹4.6 crore (₹10.1 crore)

Film Review

If we exclude slow-motion sequences from this calculation, Akhanda movie dialogues are awesome, fans want to download it. the running time of the film is about two hours forty-five minutes. If we eliminate such shots, the remaining half an hour may be accommodated by Pankaj. I’m planning on going. So much slow motion was used to illustrate the action sequence, in fact, that Pragya Jaiswal’s line delivery was displayed in slow motion as well in one moment.

Other than this, the rest of the phone’s background music, and the music of the film delivered by SS Pawan, were not as remarkable as in the trailer.

If you watch the full film within the complete film from beginning to end, just when 12 characters utter their sentences, the background music is loaded a bit or is then closed. It sounds excellent in the beginning in the beginning. You can’t help but notice how overpowering the music gets when it’s playing in the background of a movie, even if it’s only the sound of a person’s voice. gives nothing

If you must have heard or seen inside that person who keeps changing the colors of the courts of such a Baba’s head, then what would happen was a little funny. If you are a fan then what would be the reason if you have a neutral audience like me then you will definitely enjoy it. Laughter will definitely come while watching that scene, it is done internationally.

It was a little fun to watch. Then you don’t see any such thing as editing. The editing is very bad as I rightly said that you get to hear and watch action sequences and dialogue delivery one after the other due to which you do not even know what is the story of the film.

Apart from this, the story of the film, the screenplay of the film is as weak as the editing of the film. The negative character of the film, Shrikant, is going to be seen in a negative role in this and the people who were given a dead look for the film are limited to only those people, no experience of them reaches us.

Vishnu probably feels that if there is a villain, then make him do such an abominable act and people will think that brother is a very dangerous villain, but it does not happen unless you give him people on the screen to propose something, otherwise, the villain will not. How can you impress the character?

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