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Ranjith is the new head of the Kerala Chalachitra Academy

Ranjith is known for writing some great stories in the late eighties and early nineties. He went on to direct some of the most well-loved and critically acclaimed movies of his time.

It was on Friday, January 7, that Ranjith, a Malayalam scriptwriter and film director, took over as the head of the Kerala State Chalachithra Academy. He is taking over for the outgoing chairman, the filmmaker Kamal, who has finished his term. Ranjith was named as the new chairman by the government of Kerala on January 6.

During his new job, Ranjith will also be in charge of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). Take charge: On Friday, he began his new job at the Academy’s office in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 7 (PTI): Well-known Malayalam movie director Ranjith on Friday assumed office of the chairman of Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, the apex cinema body in Thiruvananthapuram.

Film director Ranjith Balakrishnan has been named head of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy (KSCA), while singer M G Sreekumar has been named chairman of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi (KSNA). THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: (KSNA).

The CPM state committee and the CPM state secretariat have cleared the names of these two individuals. This week, they are anticipated to be sworn in as a cabinet member. As chairman of KSCA, Ranjith will replace Kamal, who has completed his term as director. Previously, Ranjith was considered a CPM contender for the Kozhikode North Assembly constituency in last year’s election.

Actor KPAC Lalitha will be replaced as chairperson of KSNA by Sreekumar. tnn

Ranjith has directed around 20 movies and penned stories for more than 40 movies which were either box-office hits or critically acclaimed ones.

The order appointing Ranjith as the chairman was issued on January 6.

Source: Youtube (The News Minute)

His films ‘Thirakkatha’ and ‘Indian Rupee’ won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Ranjith took charge as the ninth chairman of the Academy. He took charge from his predecessor Kamal. Academy secretary C Ajoy, vice-chairperson Beena Paul, treasurer R Sreelal and others were present when he assumed office. PTI RRT RRT NVG NVG

. Vice chair Bina Paul, treasurer R Srilal, deputy directors NP Sajeesh and H Shaji, and treasurer R Srilal, all welcomed him. He is the ninth head of the Academy, which was started in 1998.

Ranjith started out as a scriptwriter in the late 1980s. He worked with directors Kamal and Viji Thampy, as well as other people. A lot of Jayaram films, like Witness, Nanma Niranjavan Srinivasan, Pookkalam Varavayi, and so on, were made during this time. They were all very good.

The 1990s were a good time for him to write scripts for a lot of popular movies, like Devasuram, Aaram Thampuran, Maya Mayooran, and Summer in Bethlehem. This made him a well-known writer.

He became a director with Ravanaprabhu, which is the sequel to Devasuram. It was as a director that Ranjith made a lot of movies that were both popular and well-received, like Valiyettan and Nandanam. One of Prithviraj’s movies, Thirakkatha, won the national award for best Malayalam movie.

In 2012, his film Spirit won the National Award for the Best Social Issues Film. Directed by him, Indian Rupee received the National Award for Best Malayalam Feature Film in 2011 and Thirakatha won the award in 2008. Additionally, he’s won the Kerala State Film Awards for best film three times, amongst many other achievements in the industry for this talented filmmaker.

One of the party’s most vocal supporters in this year’s assembly elections, he has long been an advocate of CPM.

More than 35,000 songs have been sung by M G Sreekumar in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi during the course of his career. He’s a well-known television host and reality show judge, as well as a composer for several films.

Chalachitra Academy – Kerala

The Kerala State Chalachitra Academy is an independent, non-profit organization that is part of the Department of Cultural Affairs in the government of Kerala. One of the most popular art forms in Kerala is film, so it was set up in August 1998.

It was Mohanlal’s movie Spirit that won the Best Social Issues Film award from Ranjith. Many of his movies were also honored with state awards, like Indian Rupee and Njaan.

He also became a producer in the late 1990s, and sometimes he would act. As Prithviraj’s cruel and unethical father in Ayyappanum Koshiyum, he was given a lot of praise for how he did. He also played the father of Prithviraj in the movie Koode, which was another good role.

For the next three years, I’ll be working for this organization as a consultant. In his absence, Kamal has been named as the new director. On Thursday, Ranjith was officially announced as the new CEO of the company. However, M.G. Sreekumar’s choice has been a long time coming. This is in the midst of a backlash, even on social media. Further decisions on the future of other cultural institutions will be made soon, including that of the Sahitya Akademi.

The Kerala Chalachithra Academy has a new chairman in director and actor Ranjith, chosen by the state government. On Friday morning, he will be inaugurated. Sangeetha Nataka Academy’s chairman has not yet been selected. Both Ranjith and MG are students of the Sangeetha Nataka Academy, which specializes on Indian classical music. Sreekumar will take over as chairman of the CPM. The State Secretariat made the call. MG When Sangeetha Nataka Academy appointed Sreenivasan as its chairman, it was met with controversy. Director Kamal has been replaced by Ranjith.

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